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Module 5 - Artist Statement - In the Company of Exotics?

Image 1:  14" h x 11” w - pencil, glitter gel pen, electric eraser, paper
Image 2:  12” h x 9” w - pencil, electric eraser, paper
Image 3:    6” h x 6” w – pencil, glitter gel pen, electric eraser, canvas
Image 4:   12” h x 9” w- graphite, pencil, pastel, glitter gel pen, paper

Struck with wonder at what unfolded
Observing single plant cells under a microscope
The beauty, complexity and elegance of nature
Tiny jewels vibrating with aliveness
If in you so in me.   ​​​​​​​
Module 4 – Artist Statement - “Shaped by Story,” Art & Spirituality
Image 1: Numina's Portals, Acrylic, medium, 36” x 48”

The impetus for this painting came out of the transcendent experiences at various ages and circumstances throughout our lives that were shared during the course of this lecture.  It leaves me the question: Though often forgotten or discounted, does the experience of the numinous provide the rich underlay to what motivates and deepens our creative endeavors? 

Module 3 - Artist Statement – Susan Miller
Images 1 - 9 Under the Sweetgum Pods, digital photos
Image 10 – sweetgum pods, glued
Image 11 – sweetgum pods, digital photo
Image 12 - images 1 – 9 combined,
Image 14 – video of selected images above

Fascination, happenstance and the invitation to view my surroundings from the perspective of the Flaneuse was the impetus for the photographic series,” Under the Sweetgum Pods.”   I was intrigued by the sweetgum pods, appearing both as armour-plated spiked nuggets and sculpturally delicate, producing multi - shaded shadows of elegance.  
Module 2 – Artist Statement – Philosophy & Art
Image 1 (study) Daydream, acrylic, 12’ x 16”

The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard was the inspiration for this study.  What caught my imagination was his line -we cannot imagine an empty drawer but only think it.   As I paint, the empty drawer becomes a repository of imagining, filled with memories, secrets, possibilities that are specific to my inner space.  I think he’s on to something! (wink) 
Visual Art and the Contemplative Power of Writing
Image- 1-4 “Connectivity,” acrylic, paper, gold wire h 12” x w 9”
Module 1 Scholars Without Institution Artist Statement

                                                              Place Considered
Upon reflection of place through the contemplative writing practice of Module 1, I was surprised by the expansiveness of the experience given that my reference to place was primarily a location within a geographical setting.  
        configured through a location on earth, in sky, and space
               refined by our passions, identities, proclivities, and memories
                     boundless within the spiritual, mental, emotional bodies of our psyche
Place demarcated through our connections to those that live within the landscape of our hearts.
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